Monday, June 13, 2022

Michelle R. Disler - Dossier, Bond James

1. Postcard Bond/Dear Queen and Country Bond

HQ. I’ve got the blood of another villain on my hands, and I’m naked barring the poor chap’s kimono.

HQ. I’ve just been double-crossed by another beautiful foreign agent. That’s twice.

HQ. A giant, poisonous centipede is crawling up my groin. I’m sweating like a pig, and I’ve just uttered unnamed profanities.

HQ. I’m holed up across from symphony hall waiting for the target. She’s a cellist. She’s pretty. I missed on purpose. (But will I see her again? Grim tidings.)

HQ. This mission involves a criminal mastermind on an island covered in bird shit. Talk about getting one’s hands dirty. Truth be told, I’d be lost without the girl Honey.

HQ. The safety of the free world rests on my winning hand?

HQ. Golfing on the job. The villain cheats.

HQ. Pussy Galore is a lesbian. Thanks for nothing.

HQ. I’ve been taken advantage. Her name is Kissy Suzuki. We spend our days diving for fish while she nurtures my emotional wounds. I don’t know where I am or who I am, and I don’t care.

HQ. I’m stealing a villain’s missiles hidden in an underwater cave? You can’t be serious.

HQ. My Turkish friend gets murdered on the Orient Express while I’m sleeping with the enemy? Stop sending out headshots.

HQ. I have written my letter of resignation. I’m getting married. I’m tired of this dirty business, and you know I hate killing in cold blood (though I’ve never said so).

HQ. I have waited impatiently for death.

HQ. It’s lights out for me at the end of my mission with the dead Turk. Don’t tell me Russia wins this round. Iron curtain and all that. Poisoned-toed shoes? Pretty inventive. Please take note.

2. Bond Therapy Modality Bond

Bond’s emotional role models (girls)
Bond’s sources of emotional pain (girls)
Bond’s sources of invalidation (girls)
Bond’s judgment and automatic thoughts (villains)
Bond’s expression of feelings as a sign of weakness (girls, villains)
Bond’s internal triggers (girls, villains)
Bond’s emotional fallout (girls, villains)
Bond’s automatic thoughts that affect emotion (villains)
Bond’s self-talk and judgments diary (villains, girls)
Bond’s moving beyond invalidation (villains)

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