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Jim Meirose - Numb Pierre: First Interview

Numb Pierre:  They said he would have survived had he not been clipped in the head. 

Translation: It was our half-brother Pierre who came up with breeding the birds. He is a deep man. What he thinks mostly ends up coming about.

Big Julio: Like the—let me see what’s it—the Magnusson device.

Numb Pierre: Pop.

Translation: Right. That’s it. 

Big Julio: What sort of device is the Magnusson device and why is it important?

Numb Pierre: No one else will either, Magnuus-Sonne. Ride along seagull. Deep plunge. Seagull, yon seagull. Ride along. Ride, devise. Seagull, yon seagull. Devise, or ride along, seagull. Ride. 

Translation: It facilitaties the breeding of the birds. And, without going into too many details, its output has potential to be a boon for humanity. 

Big Julio: How?

Numb Pierre: How do they know that an autopsy was performed?

Translation: It solves many problems. Especially many-layered problems which have a way of being put on the backburner in favor of, what they say, what’s the word—ah. Yes. In favor of the low hanging fruit. 

Big Julio: An example of one of these many-layered problems? Can you give one or two?

Numb Pierre: Devise the devices. An autopsy was performed. An autopsy was. Seagull, seagull, o yon seagull. Immediately. An autopsy. 

Translation: Sure. The problem of overcrowding over here, and sparse population over there.

Big Julio: Why is that a problem?

Numb Pierre: Plunge. Seagull yon, one. Pop. No one else will, two; either Magnuus-Sonne or, ride along, three; seagull. Such injuries are non-fatal usually, but. 

Translation: It just is. But you wanted a few. Another is the depletion of the ozone layer. And more, like drought. And like flood. Like hunger and thirst. Like that. But my efforts are blocked. A hard stop’s been imposed. I’m bogged in deep mud. Bureaucratic mud. A pity. 

Big Julio: How so? 

Numb Pierre: No one else’s ‘r non-fatal usually, but, will either Magnuus-Sonne, or that the ride’s non-fatal. But, non, but. Four; along. 

Translation: They have the fifteen separate patents I’ve submitted one for each moving modular part of the device blocked until changes are made. One in particular.

Big Julio: And?

Numb Pierre: How do they know there was an autopsy performed and the results published for public perusal?

Translation: They will not let me use the name Magnusson Device for my overall product.

Big Julio: And why not?

Numb Pierre: Pop! ‘r no one else will, either. Magnuus-Sonne’s ride’s up for public perusal. Along t’ seagull’s. For public, Pop? Devise publication. Geno; no! Five; gen, no one else.

Translation: They will not let me use the name Magnusson Device.

Big Julio: Okay, I know. But, why’s that?

Numb Pierre: Will either Magnuus-Sonne ride along, seagull? Devise the six; gen genocide. Seven; Magnuus-Sonne’s deep. 

Translation: Delicate negotiations would be jeopardized. In short; the name’s somebody’s name and they refuse to budge on it. They will not let me use the name Magnusson Device.

Big Julio: Why does it have to be named the Magnusson Device?

Numb Pierre: Nine; Pop; genocide; genocide gen-gen ‘r ‘r, ten; Magnuus-Sonne; Pop, eleven. 

Translation: I must not say. It’s being handled. Luckily, my investors are patient.

Big Julio: Who are your investors?

Numb Pierre: Pop that Magnuus-Sonne=Just goes to show the head is probably the most important thing.

Translation: I can’t say.

Big Julio: Why’s that?

Numb Pierre: Pop-gen, yes it is the head is, yes the head. Pop that rip. No one else will. Either devise the head, or. It’s probably the head-pop geno, gen.

Translation: Delicate negotiations would be jeopardized.

Big Julio: All right, then—let’s see—okay. Can we talk about how you came to begin working in this area?

Numb Pierre: Genocide, the head, pop that rip, please. It’s the head. The head. It’s the head. All in there. Head.

Translation: Of course. I’m a dreamer. Always have been. And, I’m playful. Always have been. But, I’m also thoughtful. Always have been thoughtful. And since I’ve always been the dreamy playful thoughtful type, my parents, well. They kept their distance from me.

Big Julio: How’s that?

Numb Pierre: How do they know the autopsy results are set for public perusal? And were the appropriate waivers drawn up, reviewed, and signed off on beforehand?

Translation: They’ve gone out of their way to teach me nothing. Besides feeding me, clothing me, providing a clean bed and good shoes and as many pads pencils and calculating machines for me, et cetera et al as many as I ever needed, they’ve striven to teach me nothing. Now that I am an adult and they are dead, it can be known also that they never caused me to attend school at all. They also shielded me from ever needing to know the concept of money. They built a creative bubble for me, the presence of which served to hone my great talent and grow it stronger through the years

Big Julio: What talent is this that they strengthened by teaching you nothing?

Numb Pierre: Genocide; pop that rip please. No one’s appropriate. Waivers drawn up, reviewed, and signed off on beforehand, else, contact local law enforcement; but, pop; Genocide, pop. That rip. Please.

Translation: My uncanny ability to look at an item and absorb all there is to know of it instantly. 

Big Julio: What?

Numb Pierre: Those reviewed and signed off on beforehand. No one devises their pops.

Translation: What I said. It can’t be said more simply. After my birth, as I moved through life, I instantly knew all there was to know about everything I encountered. My senses are geared to suck in knowledge—garnished most tastefully with insight, and wisdom. And this will go on for the rest of my life. Luckily, I’ve also been blessed with a mind robust enough to contain this vast exponentially expanding store of knowledge. Only death will stop it. Or if they succeed in blocking me from using the name Magnusson Device.

Big Julio: Only death?

Numb Pierre: Signed off on beforehand. Genocide-gen-gen pop that rip, please. 

Translation: Yes—or, if I am forcibly distracted, and my attention’s diverted toward that one there trying to teach me this, and this one trying to teach me that—that is why my parents shielded me. This is the root cause of why they will not let me use the name Magnusson Device. Do you get it?

Big Julio: I am not sure. But—most people would not be so yielding to the idea that this could be true. Most people would call his parents criminal and abusive and you yourself insane, and in need of rescue from what they would see as—his brainwashing with delusions by his parents. 

Numb Pierre: Pop-on beforehand those rip. Gen-genocide; pop those rips please. 

Translation: See that’s the opposite. That rescue would destroy me.

Big Julio: Some might say that it’d be your delusions that’d be destroyed. 

Numb Pierre: Those rips pop=What the hell did I say? Now, nine; non-fatal usually, but. So Magnuus-Sonne. 

Translation: Okay—say that’s true. Say that was true and I was—made normal, I suppose they’d say. It would start with blocking the name Magnusson Device from me. Then it would move of further until, God, who knows? Until I’d have nothing of my own. Then where’d I be? 

Big Julio: You’d be—normal.

Numb Pierre: They said he got clipped in the head. Why? Do I need to repeat it=Yes, you do need to.

Translation: Really? Normal, eh. But with all I’ve striven for destroyed. Facing the harsh world, with no skills for survival. 

Big Julio: Pierre, that is where we all start. You are young. You are smart also, you say. You’d catch up. You’d make it in the real world.

Numb Pierre: One else will either, Magnuus-Sonne. A deep was performed. 

Translation: The Magnusson Device is the real world, Don. It’s my future. It’s your future. It’s the world’s future. Let’s get back to that, please.

Big Julio: But you can’t seem to describe why it’s so wonderful. You.

Numb Pierre: Yes, you do.

Translation: Truths not described, are still truths. 

Big Julio: No.

Numb Pierre: Yes, you do yes you do yes you do.

Translation: Yes.

Big Julio: Okay, all right—so here. We have thirty seconds left. Here’s one last question.

Numb Pierre: The devices, twelve; Pop gen-genocide genocide.

Translation: Go ahead. Shoot.

Big Julio: If a truth exists but nothing knows about it, does it make a sound?

Numb Pierre: Pop; eight; genocide; genocide ‘r Magnuus-Sonne. 

Translation: Don’t be silly. But, you know, that does bring something to mind.

Big Julio: Yes? What?

Numb Pierre: Seagull=Other.

Translation: What about this; what if they told me, Fine, your use of the Magnusson Device is approved! What would become of me then?

Big Julio: That’s a good question. I suppose then, the birds could be bred freely. And by that time the Magnusson Device could be brought online. Then, but—ahhh! My God! All no would devise one become the else devices endless will  either my God no! pop all Magnuus-Sonne geno ride gen along would become genocide seagull stop my God no it hurts! gen-gen deep pop plunge wondrous all’d become Pierre all’d please stop that let me go it hurts! ride pop all right all right, I will believe! along become let me go let me go it hurts! those seagull rips it hurts! ride I believe I believe please stop it! pop it hurts! i hrts! hts! hs! s! ! ! ! ! 

Big Julio: My God, my God. Pierre you may enter now you have won Pierre my Pierre! 

Numb Pierre: See? They said he would have survived had he not been clipped in the head. 


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