Wednesday, December 15, 2021

David Jalajel - Six Poems



from a grey city bridge the camera

focuses on a string of fashion sales

declining now for the eighth quarter straight

through a row of candid poses older

models need these vital emendations

on legal terror charges pressing bolt

action rifles through their files to locate

eighty percent of adults surveyed feel

they’re sufficiently informed on key

issues half of them could scarcely point

out the reset button’s pivotal

role in urging residents to buy


locally where they’ll heartily endorse

a metapraxis on estate surveillance





confronting these wide stance phenomena

in pure expressionistic twisted sets

high contrast lighting chiaroscuro vistas

rolled out against the lurid moving body

positions gymnasts twist their ordinary

convulsions overwhelming suppositions

configuring the weight of preference

for one or other limb provokes an irksome

effect on tensing muscles flex the shoulders

rotate vertebrae described in cases

of spinal vigour sharpens blurred but candid

footage of brutal crimes served up online 


where tensions clash in edgy stylised

incongruous resemblances to facts





but i believe the real response is due

to how we’ve come to cope with capital

gains much in terms of class-based reticence

against defining structural compartments

dispose the poor to consubstantiate

contrasting cases out some sceptical

second eventual and aimless kind

of exercises furnishing the limits

cryptic discoveries of paramount

importance for interpreting encounters

intuitive implausibility

from the perspective of developing


race as conceived in biographic terms

not with biological intent





somehow this diagnostic social set

to cope without the need for nothing more

ongoing down to that exaggerated

religious crisis brutally awakened

generation in a pit of private

glorification routed through old morbid

soundscapes sampled and unmasked as naked

astonishment provokes a gratifying

pastime for ardour-mediated hope

financial altercations aggravate

behavioural psychoses seize neurotic

breakdowns of the mind-numbed mute consumer


tailored to your ravenously groping

blindly self-oppressive sense of self





never knew what you’d come up with next

moment you don’t even know the names

of tearful stitches torn apart and worn

out considerations of a craft

definitions to debate the terms

stipulate procedurally driven

systems ensconced for breaking silhouettes

infer inflicted pain with no relation

to lived experience the aftermath

echoes through hollow rhetoric confers

substance to the counterarguments

compelling you to slave on to the point


a single minded classic catch-all phrase

benumbs our hopes in cold anxieties




you sure can handle almost any symptom

through dietary supplements and curbs

on export merchandise will quickly tarnish

reputations plummet through the floor

apartment boasts our fully furnished decked

out gorgeous inner demons purring curtly

how overcooked it gets like those tough leather

scraps they use to stitch up cheap imported

bags us a premium prepaid prime time

commercial tax imposed on middle class

gentility demands our open-air

gazebo brunch serves up the glum confession


your serial self-portrait suffers us
no intimacy and no deep rapport

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