Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Texas Fontanella

 My deaf ear on the sure compulsory ruffian

Mafia interrogate switch legged houses stuffy with

Carry no hedge of privacy concrete affect

Ion the non betrayers, greed elect

Death's all blue, wive the red flag

Along and lone the beach these beds drag

Molten promised country, average doom

Spooned out doubt for an avalanche room

Restrained by trees, suffocating chat

Suffer grazing on the e chat

A brave cold, fatigued as evening

Rumpling like a sheet, dawn spreads like a stain when you have to get there similes Lycra shiny stare

Commentaries whiny, left f' lighter stars

Climate war dross n exile dress, bile to chest, Nile to molest,  th' best, proletariat against time

My derriere up in rhyme, Fred Perrier now up in crime

QR scanned like the area now there are no lines

Bravado menaces, squawking like Hennessy

The plans of thief's you oughtn't, but we Audened till penning me

Like to see what happens when someone benders me

Give it a go crazy - Blender's free, cooking  brains or the flavour of the week

We don't want much but to be the favourite of the weak (end)

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