Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Eduard Schmidt-Zorner - Sweet temptation and Caboodle

Author's note: The contents is composed of mostly words of Irish origin.

Sweet temptation and Caboodle

I love to caboodle in bookshops and libraries,
dream of a caboodloir, where I can hide, caboodling,
in my paradise,
spending time with a poem in a café or chocolatery
could caboodlicide to find my favourite story, a discovery.
The change from cosmopolitan
to caboodlepolitan,
from coffee addict and caboodloglodyte,
who worships the hardback, sniffing coboodlessence
and cacao presence,
converting me into a caboodle and caffeinator
indulging sweet pastry, pralines and as predator
following the scent
the hint of clove and cinnamon
with a book in my hand.

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