Thursday, June 20, 2019

Christopher Barnes - Putting You Through Now, Caller

“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (21)

“Squizzed at me, all pulled out.
A reality-crunch measure?
The earreach of a farewell gasp is roses in May.
Take it uncomplaining, headwaters will.”

“Okes, rabies-dancer,
Your cheque’s in the postbag.”

“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (22)

“Dog-eared his tab, jiggled it into my shirt pocket.
Even the horizon cracked.
Mullarkey was woozy, beefy as a nun.
Intemperate kickback for one go.
I snooped enough?”

“Mistrust is gravity, honey.
A profitable chore boy’s defunct.”

“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (23)

“Frankness ink-slung onto roadhouse paper.
I got churned by the tidings.
Skin-flickers also unveil in white.
Duplicate explanation? – the plaything’s oofy.
Bob for an invitation.”

“Knew she was in Blind Alley.
Who’s got the revolver?”

“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (24)

“Sly-looking at the mere, Eileen was.
Valium owned her lullaby.
You’re a trigger-quick practitioner.
Hunched the Dodge was swiped –
Too gleamy for Big Al.”

“Don’t chop-chop elsewhere.
Witnesses might spare us.”


“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (25)

“Repper’s mush corrugated with petulance.
Thought he was at end lengths.
Such a foozle.
Switchblade hasn’t been dug up.
Jimson weed reels in barley
But this isn’t a gala day.
Known him eons?”

“Shouldn’t be nudging anything.
Best be meek…outside.”

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