Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Howie Good - Three Pieces

1. How to Prepare for Heartbreak
Summoning up
a kind of rage,
stubbornly walk,
or even crawl,
across a frozen sea
and then pass
through a hole in a fence,
on the other side
of which it’s dusk,
and maybe always is,
no people anywhere,
just stubble fields
and a black dog
with a red tongue.

2. Factory
This isn’t the best place to work. The roof is burning. We might as well be mannequins for all the concern we’re allowed to display. It’s like a test of some sort. Smoke begins to seep into the building, and my eyes tear up. The temp worker standing opposite me on the assembly line chews on the middle links of her thin gold necklace, a nervous habit that under other conditions would be endearing but now just irritates me. We work in silence, heads bent forward, hands moving as if diabolically programmed to perform brutal stabbing gestures over and over.

3. OMG
The police had dogs. They even had helicopters. They tried to kill a child to shut her up. I searched among the dead and injured and couldn’t find her. A crow in a tree made a noise like “Ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha!” as if finding the circumstances amusing. I responded, “No, no, no!” Everyone thought I was crazy. They failed to notice those didn’t resemble normal clouds up there, but angels tracking in blood on their sneakers.

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