Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Casimir Wojciech - STUDIES OF LIGHT


cells &
padded walls
in heat &
lapse  training the mind
the mind
not to sway  portends
magnification of promisary

steer the eyes
the eyes
beat the drum
the heart
the heart
opens mouths
like litmus moths shed
ticking  tocking garments
of nostalgia 

always torward the light 
eases from the tongue
all traces of position &


The light bends through circular
groves of an opening hand
citric finger nails in a plastic cup
spill over into the street  tapping
against veins of the air

& reminds "me" voices
in the trees  always singing  how
deserts fade in  
and out the fulcrum of sleep 
the shadow  one step 
ahead of "your" 

driven to witness
the splitting of
tongues amongst
secret windows &
loss of reverie  


"My" hand moves 
across the page 
& cathedrals crumble 
a prayer captive in the stomach
for a hundred years, etc. 
saxophones carried 
by the throat 
through dark alley ways  
shadows erupt manifold.

"I" have vanquished 
midnight with smoke alone  how
can it be? Nameless 
& threshed from the body
sorrow distills 
contours solace  

Debugged illuminations 
ricochet from 
nested mirrors  fixed
atoms of creation
myths herded into
mangled prayers
of "our" tomorrow: 
I know the abyss, eyes 
"are" windows.
In all directions  
in all times & all places
the light permits us to come true.

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