Monday, April 9, 2018

Lawrence Upton - Chant # 1

[Make your best guess at pronunciation and performance, using the codes you already know, in the light of what is actually shown here i.e. read what is actually here, not what you think should be here

Multivoice interpretations are fine – very good, in fact.]

OSSLE-A                     BLAR-RE-A                 TIXER

BOSCLE                      LASK                            BROB

LIST                              STALB                          STAK                  SESE-AN

SLE-A                           BLARB                         BOX                    TIXER

LERB                            CLESS                         RORIS                OR

STARL                          TREX                           LE-OS                 CLAN

SOSS                           BRAN                           BRE-OR             TIS

CLOSE                         REBA                           STOB                  STAB

SE-OS                          NAL                              BLARE               TE-OR

SLE-BA                        BALAK                         STIR                   BOTS

LOSS                           BLA-AK                        RISO

BU-ES                          LARB                            REK

2/2018 Carshalton /  Copyright © Lawrence Upton 2018

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