Monday, December 11, 2017

John Pursch - Nine Poems

1. Ad Lib

turn to water 
in public ad lib.

2. Gladiolas

Springing moot hind oiler saw, 
peachy oaken nuptials, 
orange in ipso catered seizure, 
orphaned gladiolas. 

3. Groceries in August
I see a gal, a sea,
an omnivalent census 
of groceries in August.

4. Illicit Hips

Drip a dollop, 
draft illicit hips a solid, 
foment auction open road 
gorilla motive amateur. 

5. Marzipan
Oats now 
snow white 
over marzipan! 

6. Mauve Ouches
Thinking mouth 
of crawlspace 
mutters lunacy 
in mauve ouches. 

7. Nomenclature
Fading out by radio, 
secondhand illusion
melts in iron 

8. Snow Knew What
Snow knew what 
to turn on mid-life 
faucet cut to 

9. Zoot Elan Kerplunk
Chi-squared prolapse 
inner freak 
dominates blue 

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