Friday, April 28, 2017

3 poems || Lawrence Upton

Expressions of Interest # 1

advertisements! cried the vector, ubiquitous; the facing abscess! die, invitee.
avid. millions of instructions per frozen second, water pip.
us visit ease taut peg west away.
advertisements! lied the victors, automatic. aura jabber thump.
I'm a good guy, you're a good guy. iterate.

just akin small sorcerer. piddling its tug.
tatty ivy splash, paunch, stout suit, oval-shaped, said wicked its sail.
erupt, punch, droop put; evil, attests aide, decorate a cake.

Expressions of Interest # 2

more stock; it's easy.
glide, upward waive ivories, natural; erupt!
jab picturesque, overhead vacancy with bones.

ice. divas ivy tit blow sylvan aloft, dissipate ivory; dewier pot thrust idol-worshipping distrait; white things.

Expressions of Interest # 3

aim, pass, knock wrong.
cream-coloured dew.
frozen water. decay hanging verity. it's a fade.
explode atria vatic. ulcerish. stroke aid.
ice dips flesh deteriorating. thump. wicked video.
it's a snap, idyllic upturn.
vying tug rams aid away.
suspended, taut frame.
it's the dewier pot you love to swallow. i have said so.
you can trust me. I have said so.
whoop it up.
use the keyboard. dexterity jackpot way. tap devoutness, vixen.

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