Monday, February 1, 2016

poem || Lawrence Upton

Lebanon variations

the mouths keep spread the murmuring

lose one one’s mind
take hold
shadows illuminating
shadows humans, mined and not programmed,
but adoring, mannering a group mirage,
borrowed whispers recall these voices
gaining on wind,  painful returning catches
voices against traffic
to walk with screams eyeing safety smiling
lungs light weight sparks in space patterns
protruding into brightness rounded meaning
shutting behind knowing there’s a storm
amazement too is dull now

before mud postured legends faces composed
flames into attachments saying and assaying
the collecting litter flesh is bargaining
power the honey, the honey, the honey is sour
milk of rhetoric curdles arcs of sand push
deserts to interior depths gathering
bopping herds of particles
                                              I am always
recurring speaks one the other side of cliffs
a skull howling close to the ear imaginary
envoy demands what’s in your pockets openings
providing well-being I write to see
that smile again a tone in countenance
closing up

                  song discloses orators dispersing
the morning crossing on to day quickly,
earlier, silver places, bodies darkening
a sky a visitation continually
pacing round fires compelling warmth
                                                            it is
very near, each head seen overhead
joining music we could cut turning


fibs get up worlds inside an indication
the wits to help offended by visitors
and what they let fall

                                   machines with might

I have written I
the life form says; or
I have said me forming
out of my hands?

bliss deepening skills stricken written down
these voices crying
or seeing
become each other
wiles taking old remembrance
loose dust to the lips
a distancing laughter

return force
in concert

within rocks and rubble, intenser darkness
made us from rumour
we can live next to
drew out swaying improprieties
to play the mirror
using, set sights on, fired
to withstand knowledge
we reside in
dissolution aching
craving, longing, termination
eclipse of the full word shining
wraith inside the cranium
preserving a grin
incessant dreaming

shelter lures to song the dwellers
hung around

the night is burning
garbage beings barter
creatures foxtrot
contained by unwritten faith
voices tugging phrases together
influence waiting pitiful tempting
smiling echoes opening circles turning
that different speech caught in persistent fingers

spaces we call words are synchronising
an orgasmic void yearning round meaning
tenderness grown to be knowing wonder
we are in our journeying talk warning
you know nothing

let me inform on you
tell all the stories
say all the strong names

low sounds of drama
breath squeaks in moving time

we look for connection in stories
which start out of deep soft tissue
blood shocked
axes and planes roll through withstanding earth
the circumference of fact shadowy

our heads inhabit our blurring chatter
dreams execute knots, one mind dancing one body
an ocean crashing, an ocean hanging, within,
a dooring, a possibility not taken
impossibility forced upon us
we teach ourselves
          but we sit still
          it is imagined
following patterns inducing hesitation

snatching of white persuasion
in place of urging

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