Saturday, January 23, 2016

poem || Lawrence Upton

On the recent unrest


a shaking balcony; some screams; rhythm mounting

the field translates thousands –
a dangerous thing to do –
something has gathered
feel it surging –
towards puffed purpose

                        and begins
that is, the children –
it is playtime –

                        and yet
a great upheaval

years within
to sanitise
the result of status quo

struggle against global elsewhere
in the art of all transformation

structure dictating sadness
in the end

                        why business?

a narrative war between place and time
citizens practising in their desert
food arenas –
connecting the demanding –
rampant world

that affect!

leaders a constellation of who appeared

women against the illicit
to reclaim living possibilities
and accidents tracing our way

why not?

oppression at last
material of munificence
no room for concession
in touch
international free living reduced
bosses with few benefits
factories producing malnutrition
and philosophies of apparatus and torture
an escape for privileged appropriation
queuing up for prudent revolution
to invest in kleptocrats unknowingly
mechanisms of going well

an age poised
inside universal astonishment
forcibly blown away
to restore conservative waves of quietude
at times managed

exploits an article by Jack Sherker, Manchester Guardian Saturday 16 January 2016
(edited heavily with a loose ad hoc system)               

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