Tuesday, November 10, 2015

poem || Lawrence Upton

Humanscape: music rain

[solo or polyvocal --
suggest you workshop it to generate parts]

textual exegesis abandoned
can't quite hear
music rain obscuring forges.

newspaper reports fill the mob
as they waft into children's song
hierarchies nailing
collapse making melodies
and escaping.
the trees are eaten apart
old sweater fitting tightly across a grey sky
history escapee explanation.
hairsbreadth hoofmarks.
manoeuvrable business.


admirer argument.
horse trade.
gloomy gentry
ancestry slogan
choral difficulty
lacking duty
leafy concept slumbering angrily
adolescent deterioration
blue flood
clod gentle.
an unknown letter.
subjects evolving
the evolutionary tree
in clownish attitude
obscuring the gardens run together

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