Saturday, April 18, 2015

poem || Lawrence Upton


pabulum blab occasion kudos
up tea party fond tub zeal
tabernacle head reveal sea
dubiety active
academician rib trice aloft
royalty hoard perform yahoo tick
lubberly retrospection alert weak tin affability

laborious atheist rub it in thank you
atavism radiant nerve taciturn idea
in grey meagreness

do away with teaching
reach a conclusion
dwarfed rowdiness as are academicians
tip arable shelter do generally mix-up
dead end roaring itching to wayfarer
no xantippe days of yore rub the body
tackle an habitation devouring autonomous area
ingenious sensation
animal substance eaten ruthlessly
rhythmical tawny rub out me
ribald load we laid open
team-work roaming
approaching inside of gain on maxima taxing
reach dampness diabolical
vector rub agnostic thick rivulet
unkind array friction neuter rakish
agonise as far as liability blab ocular uncompromising food zenith theme
license iota fussbudget
scoff miasma
verbal gathering
indisposed trash up against it hot-tempered
attraction of celestial bodies rub-down
rivalry whet herein after renunciation
rot hesitancy searing indebted
penetration together
gyration itch rasping lash out fluttering invulnerability an ulterior thrall

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