Tuesday, February 10, 2015

text || Lawrence Upton


for Alaric Sumner

Lawrence Upton

To be read slowly and very precisely, enunciating each word meticulously, perhaps fussily, in places, letting each word chime or clatter as it will. To be developed as a performance in a workshop approach.
Space in this text is loosely notational Loops as in tape loops.

end it if another

their the, their it

happier was, happier various

say afar: May thing

now from yourself slick

Sight, fun! Now I.

Something see! happened see!

natural racing were fast

words discountenanced called he

since of scientific morality

Resist of resist science!

You humanity
composedly against...

Be there. Some objective!

"We'd immediately said together

Enjoy fast; answer fast.

There's us. Evolution decreed.

but drink as - ah!

primitive heredity, a he

the lives, the down

go off me there

sooner ourselves, spark all

globe words: it's fatal

trouble or in apparently

the rang the rang

the best
floor to

close will in which

close will in which

it was, ferro-concrete the

someone, city: from docks
or is it clocks

another circulation world: she

his fading of the

words will be the

his silence swords security

extinction his, extinction the

look, woman, removing but

had read no novels

wicker-work faces: the they

the some translucent shadow-entangled

the negligible radio trunks

would deal synthetic we

origin but a word

I the, I'm awry






now a disappointing know

bodies touchingly only spontaneously

touch bringing through me!

rabbit of no dreams

producing trouble
to say

I I the I

mentality worst
no deadliest

women unpleasantly in distaste

metal gun stretched still

A a enunciating there
renamed its puny when

and on thought  all
where a smell was

not body
air the






the first least reach

of thought isn't as

the centre four-footed and

no me is me!

reached the crisis?

real has

alleviating the many it

the retrieved faded he

he believed his I

the firmament streams wrongly
down in this vegetation

down in this vegetation

the firmament streams wrongly

what couldn't hurt Einstein

slowly the
it two

they're his night day

table and untouched years

on the determinism goodbye

her gloom hands heavenly

he demolition? to beginning

indicate and wall finding

another intellect not some

tolerates floor, silences fruits

geography-wise part-loved like commanding

made communications murkier being

body lower, body riding

overjoyed window, self-destruct window

then drop brown back

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