Saturday, August 16, 2014

3 poems || John Pursch

Believing Halibut

Rip-snortin’ pseudopodal sacrificial poodle odors
waft from empty girl angora ankle ampule ham-and-floral
quintessential moon base talkies, bending squiggly Garibaldi
ambidextrous dollhouse panties, sworn to governed shellfish,
floating on deliveries of chicken drain aspersion clots,
inviting craggy jawline spurts to backwoods trouser
laughter brokerage entendres, fructified in swarming
pin resetting swivels, lost to quashed ambivalence
for dent martini cougars.

Splatting limes intone cemented aerosol creation tufts,
orchestrating cockatoos in bellboy pier secretion vats,
dumped virtually to wino sidekick mowing gloat
protuberance epoxy lures, resounding petulant and frost-free.

Plumped illusions mock Sephardic stairwell plungers,
pent in toucan cowering’s finicky deception welts,
combed temptingly to orthographic console sweeps
of traitor bone yaw sanctuary glow.

Workmanlike in dripping metal posture,
vagaries sag way beyond impulsive cacti’s
gabbing slouch of poop deck propaganda,
spanning lanky measurements of omens
in sauce cue solecisms, cuttlefish in bolide
creamery confection hair, and glibly lisping
histrionic channelers from jai alai improvement.

Nestling seeps between essentially
crewed diesel henchmen schemes,
fiercely swabbing nightfall into
tricycles of hourglass county fairy scales,
lorded under hominy’s credulous solution.

Periodic lapidaries wear torpedo cruft
in downy occipital resemblance
to demeaning skinflint face repairmen,
lost in imminent interpolation peg suit insets.

Countered effects burble into lightly graded sapience,
wringing sleepy metronomes from tiered cuddling wakes,
believing halibut and lunar frostbite innocents.

Stopgap Schema Motel

Toweling toffee turns to spackled country cuties
on a ticklish armoire’s altered zebra, siding with
torn alibis of salamander pair commotion ink reminders,
pressing encoded fellowships beneath a trickling viral rain
of hovering horizon stamen shot put overgrowth,
panned quaintly into grazing interior slice illusions.

Fickle clods sound lichens for an antifungal creamery but
solid veins recoil in drought of toleration’s bareback lard,
axing squib cage serfdom fife repute for imbecilic umbra,
quartering the garrulous masons with corn tease
metrician flood gyration humpers, spun cordially
to moon-lock Cyclops feeding mugs.

The sashay’s warmly burbled tip recorder
faints in dusky fixative of pseudo heap nostalgia,
sheathing crime trap animals in hominy husk carton booths
to grapple over summed pet sleeping sags with anxiously
extorted skeins of personality derailment.

Longing spurns the Dictaphone’s empowered aphrodisiac,
culpable for sticky wrist-rag arthroscopic perjury’s purgation
myth of glory paste refrigeration hydrant smoothies sent by
singed elastic pyramidal skink collection valuation suction pumpers,
on display till flooring panty cardiologists clone haywire stockings
out of tiny heirloom wonderkids.

Nautical redemption stems from sexual expulsion bulls
of patriarchal goat skin calibration modules, mocking
stopgap schema motels with sentimental corsair moss
in skylight pain’s exorbitant incendiary baseboard hole,
plead prematurely out of chambered asymptotic blur gain
carbon coupling ancillary automated fig comparison divide.

Whatsoever Heretofore

Loopy sidearm remonstration baggies scuffle in tremendous crunch betrayal feints, sleep into consumptive cask remorse, and plop opposing leaf deployment right of quasar burying splints, shooting fig mutation commissars in crystal spigot show tune beehive palindromes of panic engines.

When we sink to grounded decaf snow-blank gutshot rage, hourly macaroon inception flecks will fussily resemble solid wax, figuring asphodel equation drift before a mainstay’s posh betrothal even occurs.

This shin brushes up on spaniel interlude retrieval sentry hints, mesmerizing generous inflationary crowbar fleets till hinterland inspection glints on canny corduroy embellishment belief. Nodding cannons mush off-stage, feeding gills with boxy generational phalanges, burnished into curdled cemetery cliffs.

Underhanded age delays in slathered northern crampons, punching for moon tallow pandering, landing noxious malice geese in prismatic burial pulley snags. Thwarted chrome indignity retires, limping to laser Stetson palimony groves of pestered syringe gears, chafing for espousers of coffee mockery and shorn repudiation doors.

Beasts relate to timid daughters on a tattling woolen socialite’s panacea binge, kissing same day kitsch returners in christened blotter lobster petting suits.

Foamy clay pot stamens leech encrusted crania from highway butter knees, asking iffy cottage bunting to bestow on enervated show repairmen any limp infatuated ensign’s flurried natal assonance, whatsoever heretofore in hitherto impassive overflight’s seductive plaintive coda.

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