Wednesday, June 4, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

Mental animations


yellow speckles
blue scrawl

both black

each stretched round
an empty sphere
banged against the other

red pours from a broken egg
two halves become spiky crowns
cutting circles in the red
and fight over and in the red
like army tanks with prehensile limbs
armoured pastry cutters
hung upon the word desire
dripping blood yolk
over a plate of vol-au-vents


hollow brown cylinder

marked near top and bottom
with two parallel gold rings

two spinning circles of wheat

white circle cylinder
woman sopped in cheap gold

an anti-tank trap and a bailey bridge
between two smashed streets

many lies bound up together
walls of the street converging

a rippling tower of water

barbed wire
camouflaged receivers

disconnected senses
camouflaged receivers

vents in the ground
reflected reflections

a wounded doctor
tarpaulin over two bodies

attempts to illustrate a dream life


blue haze filling a shadow in full sunshine
several standpoints overlying

lobster pot  markers
floating on air
nearly still ocean

all the big names under one roof
wooden barricades before a powerful enemy

instructions are semaphores
clear instructions
and signals
clear the memory
burst transmission
a stack of cornerstones
empty battlefields
machines with unpronounced names
baby London
a man raising a fist
we will rock you


blue upon brown
inner city missiles
get in lane
windows boarded up
C T R L changing the face
alone inland CCTV
in operation
a crumbling roof
trenches dug near the main station
to open emergency exit
take control
get yourself supremacy
well-dressed powerful men
colour systems


a tall narrow building

between two much larger buildings

all three on fire

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