Monday, March 3, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

flying apart

answers the text for more
ear buds from the water falling
articles link and include a playground
too late rains heavenly myths

we are in a people which loves words
breaking light of all of copying
quite often books create a man endlessly

i want to marry you!
again with such force that seduces
they can't see them
they have their agony
bits of awe
the rat gnawing
it answered its offscreen sun and moon

subliminal you!

give us more and more grey there

a hierarchy of proscription
we are visible from disinformation
rot your mind

let us suppose a complete first bliss
the full retail package
abundant light is a dialogue
something could see

it comes with bunched hands
alive it is rare
gold the top
like the moon!
reached for it
i couldn't help it
she is stuttering it
she is straggly
sprouts heaving in boiling water
surface of the winter
it grows to full adult size
the ratty voice of god in the groin he whispers
keywords words breaking morning from his head off here
gold the secreted fabulous brightness

she begins to see
ground whine of a playground merry go round
strong light from his head where the man is fun
he lies on the tree stump
a hard outer shell
one area of their bed
the sky above
downpour of snakes

try adjusting the registered version

hands make carpets money followed
intensive drying

he is bruised
chrome quality day
the winter is ashy
it moons at us
downpour of sun tugs behind his head
pounding him with a bit of the other
the clouds of speech
with such force
he groans
i want to marry you!
dying for it
in empty space
a soft scarf around his neck
the neck rocks
and in his head we discover unknown lands

we are visible from normal ones on the right

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