Wednesday, May 1, 2013

poems || John Pursch

Clocks in Oxygen

Shellfish detain carbuncles, quash immortal artichoke pates, and iron into wormlike chalices of beet facades, plucking dragoon scorn from antipodal cranium grass. Dropsy implies farewell bunting, frames ideal aphids, crimps a Teflon antenna plaque, and sips hermaphroditic silt with pestered antlers, hollowed to strabismus insignia filth.

Carvings offer glossy ramparts to warring sprites, pilloried and spurned by brothel ingredients, only to pacify skink gourmands on petrol heliotropes from bleary breviaries. Mousse charades hurl artisan girth through nephritic gossamer skeptics, mass-mailing Dacron stoat mache in fluffy lodes of feeler peens, trampling cowering onset pilers into myriad pudding holes.

Blasting custard speeds in polished stishovite refrains, timing amines owed to sinkhole slime, testing pusillanimous case toads for basting switch conundrums. Sonic elections catapult iced truffles beyond emaciated whelps, treeing forged dirigible slogans in chiseled Latin. Ovens hoe paternal Frappuccino moths, blown to double four time’s perspicacious glimpse, strafing worn pajamas from huddled moons.

Scalped incipience withholds a troubled heroine until egregious tines admit enamoured weathermen to casting couch demoniacs, pressed in stolid cheetah howls. Groupies preen in quantized trams, oozing rhizomatous zest, frogging an eighth manta ray, plushly groped by passing groaners. Shorelines mix empathic whiskey showers, soldered in collapsing biers, minted myths trundling off-stage left, right on cucumbers, shamefully stranded by popsicle entrancers.

Boggled blinds mean less to smothered swooners than toppling cisterns would allow, oiling western alleyways with salivating gorillas. Yet another quietus erases flickered sounds of milled and odoriferous chaw, flashing pie tin somnambulance across the whitecaps. Stubbed thermometers mount a counterattack, ridding amoebic saunterers of viral diffidence, emulsifying shallow clocks in oxygen.


Orphil quondiliary prendion whoobledie wonch, 
ventoriom joumiount scrappiar trelm, 
fariemiot chellioph trechor dirfrongian 
smouthian prontobular wheinscoppian fredgle, 
aquentioch smorbletifrochter pwem scemiod 
eiftian wockle fron smouftied zebrentine gordgle. 

Tren smeckular hondie im 
agruntantiar loamoschtenfrei crougle, 
penephrendulob smip ascemiot whojot, 
quore bremiopholon whodgular grelphot oodge, 
spentiodon crom maunduroc oaden phelger, 
braunte hend soum notornist sloud. 

Egziemelen flouchot hulph, 
aguerulop smiebem heopiz plocht, 
stelberintio gracium plopsart ebroudge, 
steimium algruphinious corble heiferm, 
apprendium guanties ocktoubiot frendier chog, 
crapafronie espundulam porchenfeld, 
scimion calphular escapumen droubum tiplopple houlge, 
fuence gaoriam whaeluph breat twop hupperscartch 
maraubing trence crout. 

Barphbeit marfiesiam setteramian goushe, 
esprendicular toubalt croudger 
effremidan scourple phlockt; 
ebbroufiom quiem trel abuncutip 
oupiar hablecom scheadle affralgium 
poastimial scainfrog whoudge, 
whentedular smouphroque toniera 
spuntugulo flutom spordge, 
reaging ardlien martoque, 
epriand hetsioph esmoudgie. 

Gasping For Straw

Hatched pillows ski down palaces at motel noon, waiting for heuristic anthills, tilling windowed boils with spilling blouse sock retardant. Grappling hokum rises in smoky melodramatic yearlings of dusty egret smooch patrols, swigging trailer carp from coyly pondered sheaves of sonnet madmen.

Glamorous laggards defray supernal axioms, pentagonal without trisection bliss, copping pugilistic henhouse caulkers. Booths enjoin meridian facemask parameters to specious rickshaw pardons, lifted belt high, knuckling overkill tornado feet to saturate incessant tableaus.

Weathered conchs revere hoarse diversions, harassing pellucid dignitaries, philatelic in diuretic shorthand’s payoff screed. Satchels ensconced in bowtie plows demure when oeuvres suppurate in fig steroids, shanking craggy shingles, undulating tendons eclipsing sorbitol knives. Gutshot japers evade subsonic imitation, cavernous although humbly shuffled, inured to fodder stagecoach crimes.

Pinker tomes sprinkle spelunking herbs, instilling starlet quivers, wiggling ineluctable emblems of speared issuance. Cloudy bunts snuggle up to birdbrain license cleats, trepanning critical cartwheels, drolly quiescent.

Fluttering midterm chutzpah impales cremated hieroglyphs, stuck on querulous hive sirens, satirical satyrs knotted instead of gourd emetics. Broom fanatics eschew statutory pregnancy, bleating gaudy nettles, strewn martinis sloshing duodenal caravans of oliphant psychosis.

Compliments hover, vacuuming orgasmic skills inside ferocious shipping quotas, tracheotomies befriending naïve intrinsic boatswains for titular centerpiece booze. Trichinosis befalls headwater sappers, infusing nefarious loggers, buggered to teeth mark bellows, gasping for straw.

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