Monday, January 29, 2018

Rose Knapp - Five Poems

1. Very Venetian Marinetti 

Saudi Catalan salt sands
London bells blare black grime
Washington applause re:

2. Distance Jouissance

Snakes dart in between my skin
Tis quite disquieting disturbing Ching 

The twirling dual light from IKEA 
Or was it MOCA or the Whitney 

Museums danse as dissociated
Liches frolic onward decay don't they?

3. Versace Versailles Verisimilitudes 

Jouissance  Jouissance  Jouissance
                        Joyce  Joyce  Joyce        Joyce    Joy      C.E. 
Son     net   Son          net    Son          net        Gha                 zal

4. Wall Street Can Be So Ketamine

Gold wisps down Wall Street
Leaving nothing in its wake
Digital data tips its' hat to form
Cubisms raise themselves electricity 

Jolts jots jobs jousts fausts
Feasts Delacroix me a Cantos
Spins to winds on windows 
Of Change And/Or Orage Orangutan 

5. Emerald Echolalias

A Book opens
Lapis lazuli rI

Flitter    IV    Into   Ontological
Scorpion wings
Compress them
Selves into angel
Dust devour con
Sciousness which 
Screams subconscious Ly

Ânkh    Sun     Danse        Meta

Narrative Negro Nexus Fluxus

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